Annual Reports Printing


Use your Annual Reports as a Marketing Tool!

Annual reports are formal financial statements published yearly and sent to shareholders and other stakeholders. The reports review and assess the year’s operations and discuss the companies’ view of the upcoming year, it’s challenges and prospects.

Annual reports can be more than a formal reporting tool that is required to be produced by the regulators. They can be used as a potentially effective marketing tool for you to disseminate your perspective on the company’s performance in the year. Many medium-sized and large companies set aside large budgets to make their annual reports as attractive and informative as possible.
Through the annual report, a company can utilize it as a marketing tool to relate, influence and discuss any number of issues and topics.

An opening Letter to Shareholders or Chairman’s and CEO’s Statement often sets the tone of annual reports prepared for public listed companies. The contents typically focus on topics such as the past year’s results, strategies, market conditions, significant business events, and company initiatives. At Graphic Direction, our editors will be able to draft the appropriate messages and statements to ensure that the tone and content of the statement is both impactful and purposeful.

At Graphic Direction, we provide end-to end service from designing and printing the annual reports to writing and editing the content of the annual reports. We will also be able to produce digital annual reports if required. Our in house team of designers, editors and printers can provide a one-stop service for you. We will work with your team on the theme and concept. Whatever the theme, concept, or format, we at Graphic Direction will work with you to produce successful reports that clearly outline your company’s strategies for profitable growth and to cast your firm in the most favourable light.

Packaging the Annual Report

In an annual report, the financial information and the corporate message are usually the most important aspects of the report. You want to be sure that your readers are going to read and understand the message. Producing and disseminating a dry, monotonous report is not in your company’s best interests.

The challenge for producers of annual reports is to ensure that relevant information is written in a simple and comprehensible fashion while simultaneously communicating the company’s primary message. The annual report serves as an advertisement for your company.

The key to a good annual report is to choose a good graphic design and printing company like Graphic Direction to ensure that all your requirements are met. From choosing the design that will best convey the company’s message, to writing and editing the contents to final production, Graphic Direction will be able to assist.

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